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Our Hardware repair services

Screen replacement

We replace the screen and the digitizer for all kind of devices.

Laptops of all the models and brands

All in one Desktops

Apple computers such as Macbook Air, MacBook pro, MacBook and even iMac computers

Professional Apple Mac repairs

Many shops claim to repair Apple computers, but not so many does it professionally

We do professional repairs on all type of Apple MAC laptop and desktop. No matter if it’s an old or recent model.

Replace your Apple laptop battery with a high quality one to bo able to work on the move again

Replace the trackpad that is unresponsive or sticky or sometimes is affected bi liquid spillage

Internal cleanup is important when you see that your laptop is overheating and getting hot

Sticky keys or not working at all? Let us replace your keyboard with a new one

Your monitor is flickering or comes with strange verical or horizontal lines? This can be either a monitor problem or a motherboard. We can diagnose it and repair what’s wrong to give a new life to your device

System upgrade

If your computer is getting slower and unresponsive, it’s time to give it a new life!

Upgrade the memory and storage to the new generation, and boost the speed up to 10 X


The Read and Write speed of the new generation Hard drives called SSD (Solid State Drive) can reach up to 6,000 MB/s

This is way higher that the older generation drives that were mechanical and the maximum read and write speed was 560 MB/s